25 KV Stay Arm Insulators - Goldstone Power

25 KV Stay Arm Insulators

Normal Zone

Polluted Zone

Technical Particulars

Construction :
Core Material : FRP Rod
Polymer Material : Silicone Rubber compound
Method of Manufacture : Direct Moulding of Solicone Rubber over FRP rod
Metal end fittings : MCI / SCGI
Method of connecting Metal Fitting with FRP rod : Crimping
Specification :
Railway Standard : TI/SPC/OHE/INSCOM/0991
  : Issued by Research Designs and
  : Standards Organisation, Ministry of Railways, India.
International Standard : IEC: 61109-1992
Electrical Characteristics :
Dry lighting impulse with-stand Voltage : 240kvp for positive Polarity
  : 260kvp for Negative Polarity
Wet power frequency with-stand Voltage : Vertical Mounting     : 100kVp (rms)
  : Horizontal Mounting : 125kVp (rms)
Mechanical Characteristic :
Minimum failing tensile load : 7000kgf
Minimum failing bending moment : 200kg.m.
Profile Parameters : The profile parameters of these insulators meet the requirements of IEC:815.
Specific Creepage Distance : 16mm/kV for standard (Normal) zone
  : 20mm/kV for Polluted zone
Guaranteed Creepage Distance : 850mm (Min) for Standard (Normal) zone
  : 1050mm (Min) for Polluted Zone
Dimensions : As per Railway Standard.
  : Inter changeable with existing Ceramic Insulators