Ceramic VS Composite - Goldstone Power

Ceramic VS Composite

Resistance to flashovers in Polluted atmosphere. Low High
Resistance to puncture Puncturable (Class: B insulators) Not puncturable
Resistance to Tracking and Erosion in Polluted atmosphere. Low High
Contamination & Pollution Highly affected Performance not affected
Hydrophobicity Non hydrophobic. Unique Hydrophobicity character.
Self cleaning property Due to Glaze and inclination of sheds. Due to Hydrophobicity recovery characteristic
Maintenance Needs maintenance like cleaning, washing, greasing. No maintenance is required
Weight More 10% to 35% of Ceramic Insulator
Resistance to breakage and Vandalism Breakable in Vandalism prone areas Unbreakable
Artificial Pollution Test Mandatory Not applicable
Power Arc Test Mandatory Not applicable