R & D - Goldstone Power

R & D

Our Research and Technology Development center, which is recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, is the active nerve center for keeping Goldstone in a dynamic high-tech status.

Spurred by the urge to develop new products – our R & D team comprising talented and well experienced Polymer technologists, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers is exclusively dedicated to being a dependable resource of your critical and technology oriented products.

Goldstone R & D, besides continuing to improve and innovate, is engaged in establishing higher standards in Polymer compounds and product design and understanding the challenge in crucial products market.

The maximum emphasis which Goldstone gives for its R & D Division will help it to continue to lead the industry in-state of the art development and to establish a global position.

Our Research & Technology Development Center is equipped with:

All advanced facilities for developing high performance polymer compound based on synthetic elastomers, plastics, polymer blends and alloys, Composite.



Full Range of facilities for testing:

  • Various Mechanical Properties
  • Various Electrical Properties
  • Weather & Ageing Resistance
  • Fire Properties
  • Hydrophobicity of Polymer compounds


Our Research & Technology development Center selects projects on developing of technology for manufacturing of some product which is not yet manufactured in India.

Recently our R & D completed two projects

  • Development of technology for manufacturing high performance Polymer Compound for EHV Composite Insulators
  • Development of technology for manufacturing of field joint coating system for Oil & Gas Pipeline

And both are the very first time in India.

Future projects for our R & D

  • To develop technology for manufacturing of advanced material for high performance application of new era using NanoTechnology & polymer Composite Science.